Buffy Anne Summers (risky_blonde) wrote,
Buffy Anne Summers

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

  This song was so before my time.  Not that it matters much, but really.  It's true we hear songs we like, and remember them for that reason, but I also think a song really matters to you after you've heard it during a crucial moment in your life.  I'd love to tell you the song was playing while I was in Heaven.  Oh, I would so like to be able to tell you that.  I can't though.  Seems very super-villany of me to lie about what I saw up there, doesn't it?  Anyway, okay.  This is gonna sound silly, but somebody I care about turned the stereo on after something we shared with one another.  The song was already half over when we heard it, but Stairway to Heaven was what was playing.  I hear it now, and bam; I feel nostalgia.
Tags: prompt showroom
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