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  "...no." Buffy's heart sank at the story of guilt written across his features, and couldn't help herself. The vampire-slayer closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I don't want to be hurt, but you keep accepting the full weight of blame even though it was never you who started it." She pulled back just far enough to place a hand over his heart. "I think I'm starting to understand this glowing utopia you supposedly came from. You know, where money didn't exist, and monogamy was evidently so last-season?" She smiled at him. "All this time, you've been struggling; you've been trying so hard to change your thinking, and forget everything you were taught by the world you came from." Buffy shrugged at him. "For the most part you managed, but Wolfram & Hart has been a master-manipulator, and they've been manipulating your... manipulating me, Faith, Illyria, Cordy, and everyone else you've been close to. They were hurting you, by forcing us to make choices we never could because our world taught us it wasn't supposed to work that way, wasn't supposed to make us happy." Buffy was having a hard time believing this epiphany had even hit her in the first place. She sucked in a deep breath before continuing. "I think I finally understand what Illyria's already realized. All this time you've been going against the grain for each of us, and we were letting you because we didn't know any better. Lyri realized it. You can only really be happy if we set you free to be loved by everyone you feel the same for." Buffy sniffled softly. "It's not your fault.  It never was. I want you to be able to turn to me and love me the way you used to; in return, I'm going to let you go. I love you."
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